Darshan Academy, Kalka

Co- Curricular Activities

Darshan Academy offers a wide range of co-curricular activities for its students. These complement and enrich the academic syllabus. Students participate in a variety of games and sports events. They are encouraged to express themselves through various art forms and develop their creative talents.

They display their dance and acting skills in the Annual Day and other yearly celebrations. Students enhance their literary talent by contributing to the school’s magazine “Darshanika”. They engage in various activities to show their respect and love for people from all walks of life and the environment during selfless service projects in the community.

Inter House Activities

Darshan Academy has four houses, to which each student belongs. Inter-house activities, morning assemblies, and competitions.

Inter School Competitions

Our students regularly participate and excel in inter-school competitions.

Hobby Classes

Summer Hobby Classes offer students a broad choice of activities to participate in.

Educational Trips

Excursions and educational trips are organised by the school to deepen the students’ experience and knowledge.

Creative Arts

Students hone their creativity skills leading to innovative thinking. They take part in cultural performances and showcase their ideas in the Creative Arts.


Students participate in music lessons. They take part in singing and playing a musical instrument.

All these co-curricular activities create an opportunity for students to learn teamwork, new skills, and how to cooperate with other students also enrich students’ all-round development.

Parent Orientation Program

Darshan Academy, Kalka, hosted an orientation program filled with warmth and learning. Parents were treated to an enlightening presentation on our school’s philosophy and received important guidelines about school rules. As a token of appreciation, each parent was honored with a book, symbolizing our love 

Health Camp

Darshan Academy Kalka organised a health camp for children and parents in collaboration with the Rotary Club in the premises of Darshan Academy Kalka. On behalf of the Rotary Club, the club President Mr. Jeevan Jyoti, Vice President Mr. Rajendra Chawla, Secretary Ashok Arora, Manish 

Integrated Art Activity  

By painting trees, Darshan Academy, Kalka portrays positive values to create a transformative experience. These activities enhance artistic skills and foster a sense of mindfulness, reflection, and interconnectedness with the environment. Through these artistic endeavours, individuals can explore and internalize positive values in a unique 

Picnic Adventure

Every picnic is a new adventure waiting to happen. Darshan Academy, Kalka, organized a one-day picnic for children. A group of excited children embarked on a thrilling picnic adventure at Shivjot Resort. The day promised a mix of fun, learning, and bonding as the children 

Yoga Training and Pre-primary PTM

On Saturday, April 9, 2022, Yoga Day cum PTM was celebrated with great enthusiasm on the premises of Darshan Academy, Kalka. Class 1 to 8 students participated in yoga training, and pre-primary students participated in PTM. Miss Niharika encouraged the students to emphasize the importance 

Summer Camp

Darshan Academy, Kalka held a virtual summer camp from May 6-14, 2021. An exciting range of fun filled creative activities, specifically planned and executed, helped students to engage constructively and meaningfully during these testing times of the pandemic. The wide range of integrated activities such 

World Environment Day

Darshan Academy, Kalka celebrated World Environment Day on June 5, 2021, with great zeal. Many activities such as making paper bags, birdfeeders, birdhouses and planting seedlings were held. All students participated on an individual level with great excitement.