Our Clubs

Literary Club

The Literary Club provides students a take off point for literary contributions both in English and Hindi. The club provides students an opportunity to express their creativity, feelings and thoughts through debates and literary activities. Students get an opportunity to engage in literary discourse and discussion as a member of this club. The club organizes competitions in extempore, elocution, debates, symposia, and quizzes at various levels.

Nature Club

The Nature Club aims at inculcating an appreciation of nature in our students. It makes its members aware of and encourages them to participate in a variety of conservation activities like saving trees, planting trees, avoiding use of polythene and keeping the environment clean. The club’s aim is to spread environmental awareness in the society and to work towards a pollution free earth. The club organizes various competitions to propagate this on World Environment Day.

Cyber Club

Computers today form an integral part of our lives. The Cyber Club aims to increase students’ awareness of computers and their uses in our daily life, with a view to preparing citizens of tomorrow who are conversant with the latest developments in information technology.

Dramatics Club

Our Dramatics Club hones the acting skills of our students and also develops the ability to be confident on a stage. Students dramatize incidents and stories through charades, improvisations, skits and role plays. Apart from acting, emphasis is also laid on developing English vocal skills


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