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Building Instructional Leaders in Darshan Academy’s Principals’ Workshop, Delhi

(June 29, 2017)

A three-day workshop was organized from 21 – 23 May 2017 by Darshan Education Foundation for all Darshan Academy principals and senior coordinators. The venue was Darshan Academy Delhi. Sessions were held on a variety of topics: Meditation, Effective School Leadership, New Evaluation Policy, Quality Improvement, Instructional Leadership, Pedagogical Approach of an Effective Teacher, Sports, Technology, Innovative Practices, Learning Difficulties, and Aspects of School Administration. The workshop enhanced instructional leadership qualities among the participants.

Day 1: The first day started with the viewing of a spiritual discourse on DVD by Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj on ‘Teach Peace, Reach Peace’ and a meditation session. The formal welcome started with welcome addresses by the President of Darshan Education Foundation, Mr Sachdeva and Education Officer, Dr. Thakur, followed by a lamp-lighting ceremony. The pre-lunch schedule began with an inspiring session on ‘Perspectives on School Leadership’ by Dr. N Mythili, Assistant Professor, NCSL, NUEPAI. This was followed by elaborate sessions on ‘New Evaluation Policy’ by Education Officer, Dr. Thakur, and ‘Performance Report Comparison of Class XII Board Results’ by Education Officer, Dr. Khokhar. The illuminating sessions focused on evaluation for different age groups, enrichment activities, maintenance of records, and how to meet the needs of students and empower them. The importance of creating a spirit of learning, goal setting and academic excellence was highlighted. In the last session, Ms. Balwinder Kaur, Head of Darshan Academy, Ambala shared best practices being followed at her Academy which reflected wonderful activities undertaken to spread the vision and philosophy of the school. The whole day was an enlightening experience for all. .

Day 2: The second day began with meditation and a recapitulation of the previous day’s sessions.The first session on ‘Instructional Leadership and School Principal’ was facilitated by Dr. Thakur. The session dealt with three important points: Setting direction, developing students, communication with parents, and developing an institution. It included many valuable ideas, including how to conduct effective teacher performance appraisals and developing quality objectives in measurable terms. Inspiring sessions on ‘Sharing Best Practices’ were presented by DA principals in which they discussed a variety of successful strategies and initiatives adopted in the schools. DEF Education Officer, Dr. Thakur focused on ‘Pedagogical Skills of an Effective Teacher’ with emphasis on learner-centered teaching-learning processes, providing opportunities for experiential learning and practices to develop students’ skills. The post-lunch session on ‘An Effective School Leader’ by two principals included games and activities to prioritize values, create a common plan to promote collaborate learning, SWOT analysis, and enlist the traits of leaders to enhance their qualities as team-builders. There was also a discussion on leadership skills, and decision making. The post-lunch session ended with the three presentations by Robomate Plus, Ignited Brainz and Edu Sports which focused on creating connected classrooms through technology, best planning and strategies, and encouraging innovation and creativity among the learners. .

Day 3: The day began with meditation. This continued with a recapitulation of the previous day’s sessions. The first topic on ‘Innovative Practices’ was facilitated by Ms. Jyotsana Bhardwaj from Macmillan. It proved to be an interactive session on differentiating between rote-learning and experiential learning, developing a positive perspective for students and challenging situations, and realizing the roles as educators. The session included anecdotes, case-studies, stories, role-plays, activities, etc. which empowered all to become great leaders and innovators. In the well-received session on best practices, DA Delhi principal, Mr. A David, and his coordinators explained how to formulate Key Priority Areas for the school, execution strategies, resources required and time-line for its completion. A motivating session on ‘Learning Difficulties’ by Dr. Indu Arneja sensitised the participants about a variety of learning difficulties and the importance of early intervention to help students be successful. This was followed by an interesting session by Ms Kaur from the Accounts Department. In the valedictory function, participants reflected on and discussed the takeaways of the three-day workshop.
Lastly, in a surprise spin, Dr. Thakur announced the giving away of trophies in different school categories. The Leadership Workshop ended with valuable words of appreciation by DEF President, Mr Sachdeva, and ultimately, brought together ideas and strategies that can be implemented in the schools. The whole workshop was a great learning experience and a time to reflect, refocus and recharge.

Fire Safety Program, Ambala

(June 5, 2017)

A Fire Safety Program for students was held at Darshan Academy, Ambala during morning assembly. Mr. Manjeet Singh, Training Officer, conducted the program. Mr. Manjeet Singh told the students of the use and misuse of fire. He gave information how fire is produced and the various types of fires. He discussed the critical nature of fire in homes or schools and the fire safety measures one must take if stuck in a fire. He then gave detailed information about fire extinguishers and the A to E classifications. He showed everyone the step by step use of the fire extinguisher cylinders. Then he took the students to an open playground area and gave a real demonstration of extinguishing a fire. The students and teachers were impressed and thankful to learn of the variety of fire safety measures. It was an extremely good program for students and teachers

Summer Hobby Activities, Meerut

(June 5, 2017)

Darshan Academy, Meerut offered Summer Hobby Activities for Grade I-VIII students from 8th to 20th May, 2017. During these twelve days students were able to participate in Art and Craft, Aerobics, Games (Basketball and Volleyball) and Dance. Due to intense heat the classes were held in the early hours of the school during zero periods so that the rest of the teaching schedule was not disturbed. In the Art and Craft activities students made beautiful earrings, greeting cards using quilling technique, mirror decoration, T-shirt painting with stencils made by students, tie dye, photo frames and more. During Dance classes students enjoyed music and dance moves. During Games activities students learned the rules and techniques of volleyball, basketball, chess, carrom, ludo and badminton from the coaches and physical instructor. Everyone wanted to play and to perfect their game. These activities and the efforts of the school staff to help students learn something new and creative and to channel their energy constructively within school hours were praised by parents during PTM. The students enjoyed displaying their creative work and sharing their experiences with one another.

Traffic Awareness Seminar, Jalandhar

(June 5, 2017)

On 24th May, 2017 Darshan Academy, Jalandhar organized a comprehensive seminar on “Traffic Awareness” conducted by Sub. Inspector Mr. Raman Kumar and Constable Jasbir Singh. Mr. Raman Kumar provided information to lesson the chance of an accident. He said that most accidents are due to ignorance of traffic rules rather than lack of driving awareness. He emphasized three important traffic signs: Mandatory signs, cautionary signs, and information signs. He also described safety tips to follow while driving: Drive within the speed limit, wear your seat belt and/or a helmet, don’t wear head phones or receive calls while driving, don’t try to overtake other vehicles and don't drive after consuming alcohol or drugs. Students then asked questions. In closing Principal Dinesh Singh thanked the seminar speakers for their time and sharing the valuable safety tips with the students.

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