Pune Inter-House Competitions

December 12, 2014

0n December 6, Darshan Academy, Pune conducted an ‘Inter-house Quiz Competition’ for students Grade III to V. All the students from Grade I to V were there to cheer for their house-member contestants. After each round, the audience also had to answer a question, so it was exciting for everyone. Kirpal House won the competition. On November 24, Darshan Academy, Pune held a ‘Dance Competition’ for nursery and kindergarten children to identify their hidden talents in order to nurture them. Mr. Mayuresh Mahajan, a renowned choreographer, judged the competition, accompanied by his assistant, Supriya. The performances were outstanding, and it was difficult for the judges to select winners. A dance performance by Mr. Mahajan was a highlight of the program. The students impressed everyone with their excellent performances.


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