A Tribute to Our Mothers!

May 16, 2019

“A mother is she who can take the place of anyone but no one else can take her place….” On the occasion of Mother's Day, special assemblies were conducted for senior and junior students to pay tribute to our mothers. The program for seniors began with students of different classes taking part in the assembly presenting beautiful thoughts followed by heart-touching speeches, recitation of self composed poems and melodious songs and the entertaining interactions with the audience and ended with the singing of sonorous raps and songs by the group of enthusiastic mothers. The senior program concluded with a bang on dance performance by the students of grade IX. Ms Bindu Saini, the program coordinator, gave a thoughtful talk on the topic saying that a mother is our first friend, best friend and a forever friend. Eventually, a motivational talk by the school Principal justified the phrase, ”A mother’s love is a fuel that makes even a layman do the impossible.” The highlight of the day for juniors was a special program that was organized for them by pre-primary department of the school where they were engaged in number of exciting games and a red carpet walk of mothers with their little ones. A special session on the importance of maintaining health and hygiene was also organized for them on the day. Later, they were honored and visibly moved to receive a token of gratitude from their tiny tots. Ms Monika Sachdeva, the Junior Coordinator delivered the vote of thanks to all the mothers for their untiring zeal, unconditional love and enthusiastic participation in all school activities.


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